Why Every Black Youth Must Learn a Trade

Our young boys must learn to do something with their hands besides scroll through Instagram and play video games. Let the men of the community who have mastered these trades create Saturday schools where young people are taught drywall, landscaping, carpentry, etc. This is key to our survival.

I am not saying that college does not have its place. Certain fields, such as accounting, law and medicine require college degrees. If you get a college degree make sure it is one you can use.

My advice is to do both. Even if you have a degree you should still pick up a trade. It will give you something to fall back on when things don’t seem to be adding up.

Let us, as a community, do a better job at educating our youth about trade opportunities, entrepreneurship and ownership. Encourage them to master a skill and bet on themselves. An economic storm is coming. It is our responsibility to make sure our youth are prepared.

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