22 Principles of Manhood

A man’s source of strength is God
A man must respect women at all times
A man must be as strong as possible – mentally and physically
A man must protect his loved ones, even to his death
A man must provide for his family
A man’s word is his bond
A man must have discipline
A man must have the will to win
A man knows that the will to win means nothing without the will to prepare
A man must know the difference between right and wrong
A man must be willing to take the consequences of his actions
A man must never misuse or abuse women
A man must have a plan
A man will know fear – but still must function
A man will always do his best
A man must be able to take the bitter as well as the sweet
A man must have priorities
A man knows there are many times he must stand alone
A man must be willing to take a calculated risk
A man must know his strengths and weaknesses
A man must use his wisdom and understanding
A man must know that before he can lead he must follow
A man knows, when in doubt, ask God.

adapted from book by Ronald M. Barnes



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