Live Above The Hype

We provide a trauma psychology curriculum infused with cultural anthropological learning from the study of “pop crack cocaine” hip-hop culture, a major force behind the development of counterproductive youth value systems and resulting behaviors of urban African American and Latino youth that grow up in a trauma organized culture. This curriculum addresses the negative behaviors by reversing many of the counterproductive values developed growing up in this culture.

“This curriculum does a great deal of work in helping young people identify their problems, name their obstacles, receive help, and rise above the bewildering social and cultural options that hold out destruction in name of popularity. Live Above The Hype is a manifesto of independent critical thought.”     ~  Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Many curriculum do not focus on educating students that have been exposed to trauma stemming from community violence. Most programs, even those that have been updated, focus on behavior changes through stereotypical versions of cultural stereotypes or only offer education curriculum that target students with traditional special needs.

Trauma exposed students that exhibit complex trauma behaviors are excluded from many pedagogical practices. High school drop out and truancy rates, and academic underachievement in gang and drug impacted communities reveal that our current solutions are failing.

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